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Perfect Tire terms of agreement.


A website cannot replace a tire specialist for choosing the right tire for your vehicle.  Perfecttire suggest consulting with a tire specialist before choosing the ideal products for your use.  All tires must be installed by a qualified and properly equipped tire specialist who can verify that the speed ratings, load ratings and construction of the tires are compatible with the vehicle intended for use.


Considering that it is impossible for the Perfecttire website to properly evaluate if the products are adequate for the use and the vehicle of the final user(s), Perfecttire cannot guarantee any performance, durability or satisfaction of the products sold.  All information, products and services supplied by this website or any of its employees or representatives is supplied ‘as is’ and ‘as available’ without any warrantee of any kind.


Any claims towards products should be verified with and directed towards the manufacturer of the product and it is the manufacturer’s sole decision whether or not to apply any, or all, of its warrantees or guarantees.


Perfecttire may act as an intermediate between its customers and the manufacturer, however, all shipping costs, wear calculations, or other fees associated with a claim are the responsibility of the customer.  


If Perfecttire is found to be liable for any damages, regardless of loss or additional damages incurred be it direct, indirect, exemplary, punitive or other, the liability of Perfecttire shall be limited to the replacement of the products sold (or an equivalent if not available) or a reimbursement equal to the value of the products purchased.


All logos, pictures and trade names found on this site are the property of Perfecttire, its suppliers or the manufacturers and may not be used without the written consent of the owner.


The prices, sizes, models and inventory quantities listed on this site are subject to change at any moment.  All information on this website is supplied by third parties and Perfecttire is not responsible for errors in transmission, translation or typographical.


Perfecttire cannot guarantee inventory availability or accuracy of quantity on website vis-à-vis warehouses.  Products may be available over multiple warehouses.  Prices may change at any moment and cannot guarantee prices until orders are completely processed and verified.  If unable to deliver due to availability or pricing issues, Perfecttire will contact customer to offer alternatives or cancel order.  No compensation for customer if we are unable to supply the order as requested.


Orders are processed only after confirmation of payment.  If no payment is confirmed after 7 days, orders may be cancelled.  Orders are subject to availability until processed.  Perfecttire is not responsible for delays caused by payment issues.


The customer is responsible for the exactitude of the information supplied. (Tire size, model, quantity, address, credit card information)Any errors resulting from an error in this information many incur fees or price changes.


Once a product has left the warehouse, they are considered sold and can no longer be modified or cancelled.  


Products can be returned within 30 days.  Products must be new (never mounted, not damaged, unused with the original tags).  Once a tire is mounted on a wheel, or the tag is removed, it is considered used and cannot be returned for credit.  Customer is responsible for return shipping and will receive a credit to be applied to future purchases.  No reimbursement will be offered.


All prices on the website are in Canadian dollars and all transactions will be processed in Canadian dollars.

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