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Bridgestone Bridgestone Potenza RE970AS PP Category : All-season
Michelin Michelin Defender Category : All-season
Yokohama Yokohama Avid Ascend Category : All-season
Toyo TOYO EXTENSA A/S 175/70R13 82 T Category : All-season
PDSF : 140.00$ Our price : 77.95$
Dunlop DUNLOP SIGNATURE 185/65R14 85 T Category : All-season
PDSF : 151.95$ Our price : 105.95$
Goodyear GOODYEAR ASSURANCE FUEL MAX 185/65R14 85 H Category : All-season
PDSF : 174.00$ Our price : 117.95$

Summer tires

Summer tires are found in almost every country in the world. Practically every country has a summer. Summer tires are a must for drivers looking for maximum performance for their sports car or performance sedan.

It should be noted that summer tires are built like other tires using natural and synthetic rubber, additive chemicals, steel and textile.
The manufacturing process of summer tires is the same as for all other types of tires. Steel and textile are extruded between layers of rubber and capped with a layer of tread rubber. The tire is then cooked in a mold to vulcanize the rubber and create tread pattern and sidewall markings.

Summer tires come in most performance tire sizes and all the popular tire sizes can be found on Perfect Tire.
Summer tires are made in the following section widths: (185-195-205-215-225-235-245-255-265-275-285-295-305-315-325)
Summer tires are available in the following sidewall ratios: (30-35-40-45-50-55-60-65).
Summer tires are manufactured in the following rim sizes (14-15-16-17-18-19-20-21-22-23-24).

Perfect Tire offers summer tires from all the major brands like:
BF Goodrich - Bridgestone - Continental - Dunlop - Firestone - General Tire - Gislaved – Good Year - Hercules Tires - Michelin - Pirelli - Sailun - Toyo Tires - Uniroyal - Yokohama

Summer tires are designed to be used on performance touring sedans, tuning project vehicles, sports cars and exotic vehicles.

Like with most products, summer tires are available in high quality construction and adapted to different driving styles.

There are summer tires designed for maximum performance and handling.
There are summer tires designed for extreme high speeds.
There are summer tires designed for maximum styling
There are summer tires designed for luxury cars to combine high performance handling with a smooth ride.

Everyone at Perfect Tire wishes you a great summer and reminds you to drive safely.

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