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Why buy from us?

PerfectTire is committed to respecting your privacy.

With the goal of respecting your privacy, PerfectTire has created a policy regarding the processing and storing of your personal information.

The goal of this policy is to establish responsible and transparent practices as they relate to the treatment of the personal information in dealing with our customers.

Our policy regarding the use of your personal information is applied according to current industry practicies.

Your information helps us to better serve you.

Your personal information helps us to better meet your needs as they apply to the tire industry.  In addition, the data you provide allows us to offer you the best products and services for your needs and helps us improve our offerings.

PerfectTire only wants to know the strict minimum.

We will only collect the minimum information required to best serve you.

PerfectTire will not transmit your information.

We will not sell or send your information to outside organizations.

Your information is protected against theft and prying eyes.

Your personal information is stored exclusively by PerfectTire.  Data is stored in secure databases that are regularly updated using strict control procedures.

PerfectTire ensures secure navigation on its websites.

PerfectTire offers a secure web environment on its sites.  Once you have signed in or are processing a transaction on our site, your information is protected via SSL encryption.

This encryption guarantees that the connection is exclusively between you and PerfectTire, safe from prying eyes.  A padlock icon in most web browser’s URL bar indicates the activation of this secure encryption.

If you participate in a contest on our websites, you may be asked to provide personal information.  However, you always have the option of subsequently not receiving any communication on our part.


If you have any addition questions or concerns, please do not hesitate in contacting our customer service department for more information concerning your personal information.

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