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Yokohama Ice Guard IG20

Ice Guard IG20

Using Resin-coated Shelled Microbubbles, highly absorbant carbon compound and 3D sipes, Yokohama’s ice Guard iG20 has excellent studless ice traction.  Combine that with interlocking sipe design and extended centre blocs and the essence of the ice Guard iG20 is revealled.  An ideal tire for drivers in Canadian urban and highway settings, the Yokohama Ice Guard IG20offers stability and ice traction for most passenger cars and minivans, even those with higher diameter wheels. 


155/80R13 79Q

175/65R14 82R

175/70R13 82Q

175/70R14 84Q

185/60R14 82R

185/60R15 84R

185/65R14 86R

185/55R15 82T

185/65R15 88R

185/70R14 88Q

195/50R16 84T

195/55R15 85T

195/55R16 87T

195/60R14 86R

195/60R15 88R

195/65R15 91R

195/70R14 91Q

205/50R16 87T

205/50R17 93T

205/55R16 91T

205/60R15 91R

205/60R16 92R

205/65R15 94R

205/65R16 95R

205/70R14 94Q

205/70R15 96Q

215/45R17 87T

215/50R17 91T

215/55R16 93T

215/55R17 94T

215/60R15 94R

215/60R16 95R

215/60R17 96R

215/65R15 96R

215/65R16 98R

215/65R17 99R

215/70R15 98Q

225/45R17 91T

225/45R18 91T

225/50R16 92T

225/50R17 94T

225/55R16 95T

225/55R17 97T

225/55R18 98T

225/60R16 98R

225/60R17 99R

225/65R16 100R

235/45R17 94T

235/55R17 99T

235/65R16 103R

245/40R18 93T

245/45R17 95T

245/45R18 96T

175/65R15 84R

185/55R16 83T

215/70R14 96Q

235/45R18 94T

235/50R18 97T

225/45R19 92T

255/45R19 100T

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