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Yokohama Geolandar A/T-S

Geolandar A/T-s

At first glance, the Yokohama Geolandar A/T-s looks like a modern All-terrain light truck and SUV tire.  But if you dig deeper, you will see that Yokohama has added rounded edge tread blocks, dual interlocking pyramid sipes, multi-stepped grooves and staggered center and shoulder blocks to provide traction and keep a smooth and quiet on road performance.  Available in sizes for most modern SUV and light trucks, the Geolandar A/T-S offer great all terrain traction with exceptional on road performance for divers who want a little of everything.


215/60R16 95H

215/60R17 96H

215/70R16 100S

225/55R18 98H

225/65R17 102H

225/70R15 100S

225/70R16 102H

235/60R16 100H

235/65R17 108H

235/70R15 102S

235/70R16 107S

235/70R17 108S

235/75R15 108S

245/65R17 107H

245/70R16 106S

255/65R16 109H

255/65R17 110H

255/70R16 109S

255/70R17 110S

265/60R18 110H

265/65R17 112H

265/70R15 112S

265/70R16 111S

265/70R17 113S

265/70R18 114S

275/55R20 117S

275/60R17 110S

275/60R20 115S

275/65R17 115H

275/70R16 114S

285/60R18 116H

285/65R17 116H

305/45R20 112H

305/50R20 120S-XL

LT215/75R15 100S-LRC

LT215/85R16 110R-LRD

LT225/75R16 110R-LRD

LT235/75R15 104S-LRC

LT235/80R17 117R-LRE

LT235/85R16 120R-LRE

LT245/70R17 119R-LRE

LT245/75R16 120R-LRE

LT245/75R17 118R-LRE

LT265/70R17 121R-LRE

LT265/75R16 123R-LRE

LT275/65R18 113S-LRC

LT275/65R18 120R-LRE

LT285/65R18 118R-LRD

LT285/70R17 118R-LRD

LT285/75R16 122R-LRD

LT30X9.50R15 104S-LRC

LT315/70R17 121R-LRD

LT315/75R16 121R-LRD

LT31X10.50R15 109S-LRC

LT325/60R20 118S-LRD

LT32X11.50R15 113S-LRC

LT33X12.50R15 108S-LRC

LT37X12.50R17 124R-LRD

LT37X12.50R18 123R-LRD

LT37X12.50R20 120R-LRD

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