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Toyo Versado CUV

Versado CUV

The popularity of crossover vehicles has brought tire manufacturers to build tires specific for these innovative vehicles.  Toyo has combined a casing suited to the added weight and higher centre of gravity of crossover vehicles with a touring tire inspired tread design for a quiet, luxurious ride.  The asymmetric design with larger outside blocks generate cornering stability without sacrificing ride comfort.  Four wide circumferential grooves on open lateral slits on the inside tread provide water evacuation.  Toyo’s innovative silent wall technology reduces pipe resonance for a quiet ride.  For drivers who want the most from their crossover vehicles, the Toyo Versado CUV offers a smooth stable long lasting quiet ride. 


P235/70R16  104T

235/55R17  99H

235/60R17  102T

255/60R17  106V

P215/65R17  98T

225/65R17  102H

235/65R17  108V-RF

235/50R18  97V

215/55R18  95T

225/55R18  98V

235/55R18  100V

255/55R18  109V-RF

235/60R18  107V-RF

245/60R18  105H

265/60R18  110V

235/65R18  106T

P255/65R18  109S

235/50R19  99H

255/50R19  107V-RF

265/50R19  110V-RF

235/55R19  105V-RF

P245/55R19  103T

275/55R19  111V

P255/60R19  108H

P245/50R20  102V

265/50R20  107V

P235/55R20  102T

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