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Toyo Observe GSi5

Toyo Observe GSi5

Toyo Observe GSi5 is a brand new tire from a company who built its reputation in Canada on a winter tire designed specifically for Canadian Winters.  Offering the most multipurpose winter tire, its ability to handle snow, slush and ice make it a favorite among studless winter tires.

The Observe GSi5 adds a new Spider Sipe Technology and Absorbent Carbonic Powder to the Micro bit technology and Unidirectional Tread pattern found in the Observe G-02+.

Available in an astounding 100 sizes, the Observe GSi5 is available for most cars, SUVs and crossover vehicles on the market today.



145/65R15  72T

155/80R13  79T

175/55R15  77T

175/65R14  82T

175/65R15  84T

175/70R13  82T

185/55R15  82T

185/55R16  83H

185/60R14  82T

185/60R15  84T

185/65R14  86T

185/65R15  88T

185/70R14  88T

195/50R16  84T

195/55R16  87T

195/60R14  86T

195/60R15  88T

195/65R15  91T

195/70R14  91T

205/50R17RF  93T

205/55R16RF  94T

205/60R15  91T

205/60R16  92T

205/65R15  94T

205/65R16  95T

215/60R15  94T

215/60R16  95T

215/60R17  96T

215/65R15  96T

215/65R16  98T

215/70R15  98T

215/70R16  100S

215/75R16  103S

225/55R18  98T

225/60R16  98T

225/60R17  99T

225/60R18  100T

225/65R16  100T

225/65R17  102S

225/70R15  100T

225/70R16  103S

225/75R16  104S

235/50R18  97H

235/50R19  99H

235/55R17  99H

235/55R18  100H

235/55R19  101T

235/60R16  100S

235/60R17  102T

235/60R18RF  107S

235/65R16  103T

235/65R17  104S

235/65R18  106S

235/70R16  106S

235/75R15  105T

235/75R16  108S

245/60R18  105T

245/65R17  107S

245/70R16  107S

245/70R17  110S

245/75R16  111S

255/50R19RF  107H

255/55R18  109H

255/55R19RF  111H

255/55R20  111H

255/60R17  106T

255/70R16  111S

265/60R18  110S

265/65R17  112S

265/65R18  114T

265/70R16  112S

265/70R17  115S

265/75R15  112T

265/75R16  116S

275/40R20  106H

275/55R19  111T

275/55R20  113T

285/45R19  111H

315/35R20  110H

P205/70R15  95T

P205/70R16  96S

P205/75R14  95T

P205/75R15  97T

P215/55R18  94T

P215/65R17  98T

P215/75R15  100T

P225/55R19  99H

P225/75R15  102T

P235/55R20  102T

P245/50R20  102T

P245/55R19  103T

P255/60R19  108T

P255/65R18  109T

P255/70R17  110S

P255/70R18  112T

P265/50R20  106H

P265/70R18  114S

P275/60R20  114T

P275/65R18  114T

P285/70R17  117S

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