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Toyo Extensa AS/HP

Toyo Extansa ASExtansa HP

The Toyo Extensa line provides what many people are looking for today: Value.  Available in Extensa AS, a touring tire for passenger cars and SUVs, and Extensa HP for sport sedans with larger diameter, higher speed rated tires.  The Extensa line uses a linear design to promote even wear and a quiet ride.  Four wide circumferential grooves evacuate water for traction on wet roads.  The Extensa HP adds a stylish unidirectional tread with interlocking tread blocks, multi function taper and a solid centre rib for added stability and grip required by sports sedans.


Extensa AS

Extensa AS

Extensa HP

P175/70R13  82T

P185/70R13  85S

P155/80R13  79S

P185/60R14  82H

195/60R14  86H

P175/65R14  81T

P185/65R14  85T

185/65R14  86H

P185/70R14  87T

P195/70R14  90T

P205/70R14  93T

P215/70R14  96T

P185/75R14  89S

P195/75R14  92S

P205/75R14  95S

P215/75R14  98S

205/50R15  86H

P185/60R15  84T

P195/60R15  87T

P205/60R15  90T

P215/60R15  93H

225/60R15  96H

P185/65R15  86T

185/65R15  88H

P195/65R15  89T

P205/65R15  92T

P215/65R15  95T

P205/70R15  95S

215/70R15  98T

215/70R15  98T

P225/70R15  100T

P205/75R15  97S

P215/75R15  100S

P225/75R15  102S

P235/75R15  105S

P205/55R16  89T

205/55R16  91H

P225/55R16  94T

P205/60R16  91T

P215/60R16  94T

P225/60R16  97T

P235/60R16  99T

P205/65R16  94T

215/65R16  98T

235/65R16  103T

P215/50R17  90T

P225/55R17  95T

P215/60R17  95T

P225/60R17  98T

P205/55R16  91V

215/50R17  95V-RF

265/35R22  102V-RF

245/45R18  100W-RF

255/35R20  97W-RF

195/50R15  86V-RF

P195/55R15  84V

205/45R16  87V-RF

205/50R16  91V-RF

P225/50R16  91V

P225/55R16  94V

205/40R17  84V-RF

215/45R17  91V-RF

225/45R17  94V-RF

235/45R17  97V-RF

P245/45R17  95W

205/50R17  93V-RF

P225/50R17  93V

P215/55R17  93V

P225/55R17  95V

215/35R18  84V-RF

225/40R18  92V-RF

235/40R18  95V-RF

225/35R20  90V-RF

245/35R20  95V-RF

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