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Pirelli P4 Four Seasons

P4 Four Seasons

For drivers seeking added stability without the penalty of a harsh ride, the P4 Four Seasons combines Pirellis heritage of performance with a touring tire’s comfort and durability.  The continuous central rib and variable angle grooves produce increased lateral turn-in response, while the reinforced shoulders supply cornering stability and increased durability.  2 wide circumferential grooves help evacuate water.  Drivers who spend a great deal of time in their cars and want the most of everything from their tires truly appreciate the P4 Four Seasons.


P155/65R13 73T

P175/65R14 82T

P185/65R14 86H

P185/65R14 86T

P185/70R14 88T

P195/70R14 90T

P195/70R14 91T

P185/60R15 84T

P185/65R15 88T

P195/60R15 88H

P195/60R15 88T

P195/65R15 91H

P195/65R15 91T

P205/60R15 91T

P205/65R15 94H

P205/65R15 94T

P205/70R15 96T

P215/60R15 93T

P215/60R15 94T

P215/65R15 95T

P215/65R15 96T

P215/70R15 98T

P205/55R16 91H

P205/55R16 91T

P205/60R16 92T

P205/65R16 94T

P215/60R16 95T

P215/65R16 98H

P215/65R16 98T

P225/60R16 97T

P225/60R16 98H

P225/60R16 98T

P235/65R16 103T

P215/60R17 96T

P215/65R17 98T

P215/65R17 99T

P225/50R17 94T

P225/55R17 95T

P225/55R17 97T

P225/60R17 99T

P215/55R18 95T

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