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Michelin Pilot Alpin

Pilot Alpin PA3Pilot Aplin PA2

The Michelin Pilot Alpine series allows drivers of sports cars and sport sedans to enjoy their vehicles in cold weather.   Although not ideal for deep snow and slush, these tires are designed to maintain the handling characteristics of performance vehicles in sub zero temperatures.  The Pilot Alpin PA2 and Pilot Alpin PA3 use winter tread compounds and siping for winter traction without compromising dry handling.  The Michelin Pilot Alpin is designed in a unidirection tread design (PA2) and an new innovative asymmetrical tread design (PA3).


205/55R16  94V-XL

225/60R16  102V-XL

205/50R17  93V-XL

215/50R17  95V-XL

215/55R17  98V-XL

225/45R17  94V-XL

225/50R17  98V-XL

225/55R17  101V-XL

235/45R17  97V-XL

235/55R17  103V-XL

245/45R17  99V-XL

225/40R18  92V-XL

225/45R18  95V-XL

235/40R18  95V-XL

235/45R18  98V-XL

245/40R18  97V-XL

245/40R18  97V-XL

245/45R18  100V-XL

255/45R18 99V

245/40R19  98V-XL

255/35R19  96V-XL

255/40R19  100V-XL

255/45R19 100V

285/40R19 103V

225/50R17 94H-ZP*

235/40R18 91V*

245/50R18 100H-ZP*

245/50R18  104V-XL*

255/40R18 95V*

265/35R18  97V-XL*

265/40R18  101V-XL*

* Pilot Alpin PA2 tread design.  ZP Zero Pressure (Michelin Run Flat Technology)

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