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Michelin LTX M/S2


Building upon the legendary LTX M/S, the second generation incorporates new 3D active sipes and an optimized contact patch.  The LTX M/S2 provides more stability, more durability and longer life than its predecessor.  A linear tread design combined with semi-solid shoulder blocks and wide grooves offer even wear throughout the tire life.  An ideal tire for pickups and full size SUVs that stay mainly on paved roads.  Also available in LT sizes for work trucks or vehicles that pull large trailers or fifth wheel RVs.


P225/70R16 101T ORWL

P235/70R16 104T ORWL

P235/70R17  108T-XL 

P235/75R15  108T-XL ORWL

P245/70R16 106T ORWL

P245/70R17 108T ORWL

P245/75R16 109T ORWL

P255/65R16 106T 

P255/65R17 108T ORWL

P255/70R16 109T ORWL

P255/70R17 110T ORWL

P265/60R18 109T ORWL

P265/65R17 110T ORWL

P265/65R18 112T 

P265/70R16 111T ORWL

P265/70R17 113T ORWL

P265/70R18 114T ORWL

P265/75R16 114T ORWL

P275/55R20 111T 

P275/60R20 114T 

P275/65R18 114T ORWL

LT215/85R16  115R-E 

LT235/80R17  120R-E ORWL

LT235/80R17  120R-E 

LT235/85R16  120R-E 

LT245/70R17  119R-E 

LT245/75R16  120R-E ORWL

LT245/75R17  121R-E 

LT265/70R17  121R-E ORWL

LT265/70R17  121R-E 

LT265/75R16  123R-E ORWL

LT275/65R18  123R-E ORWL

LT275/70R18  125R-E ORWL

LT285/70R17  121R-D ORWL

LT285/75R16  126R-E ORWL

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