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Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max

Assurance Fuel Max

Constructed with a fuel saving tread compound that helps reduce rolling resistance, the Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max has become one of Goodyear’s most popular touring all season tires.  Combining a wet tread zone (using Dual AquaChannel Grooves) with a dry tread zone (constructed with Solid Shoulder Blocks) Goodyear was able to produce a low rolling resistance tire without the usual trade-offs of wet braking and tread life.  Available in sizes and speed ratings that fit most of today’s popular passenger cars.


175/60R16  82H

185/65R15  88H

195/55R16  87V

205/60R16  92V

205/65R15  94H

215/45R17  87V

215/55R17  94V

215/60R16  95V

215/65R16  98T

215/70R15  98T

225/45R17  91V

225/50R17  94V

225/55R16  95H

225/60R16  98H

225/65R16 100H

225/65R17 102T

235/60R16 100H

235/60R17 102H

235/65R16 103T

P175/65R15  84H

P185/60R15  84T

P185/65R14  85H

P195/60R15  87H

P195/65R15  89S

P195/65R15  89H

P205/50R16  86H

P205/55R16  89H

P205/60R15  90H

P205/60R16  91H

P205/65R16  94T

P205/70R15  95T

P215/50R17  93V

P215/55R16  91H

P215/55R17  93H

P215/60R17  95T

P215/65R17  98T

P225/55R17  95H

P225/60R17  98T

P235/55R17  98H

P235/65R17 103H

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