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General G-Max AS-03

G-Max AS-03

Designed with an aggressive unidirectional tread and innovative, interactive features the General G-Max AS-03 delivers precise response in dry and wet conditions.  3D interlocking tread blocks and Aqua-cleave tread channel design produce grip in all conditions.  Interesting innovations like RTM (Replacement Tire Monitor) indicating to the driver when the tire needs replacement and VAI (Visual Alignment Indicators) to help a driver determine if the vehicle is aligned properly.  With a wide variety of sizes and an alluring price point, the General G-Max AS-03 is a great choice for drivers who wish to mix style and performance.


195/55R15 85V 

195/55R16 87V 

205/55ZR16 91W 

215/55ZR16 93W 

225/55ZR16 95W 

195/50ZR16 84W 

205/50ZR16 87W 

225/50ZR16 92W 

205/45ZR16 83W 

215/55ZR17 94W 

225/55ZR17 97W 

235/55ZR17 99W 

205/50ZR17 93W XL

215/50ZR17 95W XL

225/50ZR17 94W 

235/50ZR17 96W 

245/50ZR17 99W 

205/45ZR17 88W XL

215/45ZR17 91W XL

225/45ZR17 91W 

235/45ZR17 94W 

245/45ZR17 95W 

205/40ZR17 84W XL

245/40ZR17 91W 

255/40ZR17 94W 

235/55ZR18 100W 

225/50ZR18 95W 

235/50ZR18 97W 

215/45ZR18 93W XL

225/45ZR18 91W 

235/45ZR18 98W XL

245/45ZR18 96W  

255/45ZR18 103W XL

215/40ZR18 89W XL

225/40ZR18 92W XL

235/40ZR18 91W 

245/40ZR18 93W 

255/40ZR18 99W XL

275/40ZR18 99W 

255/35ZR18 90W 

265/35ZR18 97W XL

275/35ZR18 95W 

225/45ZR19 92W 

245/45ZR19 98W 

225/40ZR19 93W XL

245/40ZR19 94W 

255/40ZR19 100W XL

275/40ZR19 101W 

225/35ZR19 88W XL

235/35ZR19 91W XL

245/35ZR19 93W XL

255/35ZR19 96W XL

275/35ZR19 100W XL

265/30ZR19 93W XL

275/30ZR19 96W XL

245/45ZR20 103W XL

255/45ZR20 105W XL

245/40ZR20 99W XL

275/40ZR20 106W XL

245/35ZR20 95W XL

255/35ZR20 97W XL

225/30ZR20 85W XL

275/30ZR20 97W XL

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