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General Altimax RT/HP

Altimax RTAltimax HP

The General Altimax line is a high value tire for today’s passenger cars and minivans.  Featuring a European inspired casing and a stylish design, the Altimax RT and Altimax HP provide a balance between comfort and stability.  Using Visual Alignment Indicators to alert drivers of a vehicle misalignment, to promote even wear and long life.  Available in RT, a touring, long-life tire or in HP, an H-rated performance tire. 


Altimax RT

Altimax HP

175/70R13 82T

175/70R14 84T

185/70R14 88T

195/70R14 91T

195/70R14 91T

205/70R14 98T-XL

175/65R14 82T

185/65R14 86T

195/65R14 89T

195/65R14 89T

235/75R15 105T

205/70R15 96T

215/70R15 98T

225/70R15 100T

235/70R15 103T

185/65R15 88T

195/65R15 91T

205/65R15 94T

215/65R15 96T

185/60R15 84T

195/60R15 88T

205/60R15 91T

215/60R15 94T

205/65R16 95T

215/65R16 98T

235/65R16 103T

205/60R16 92T

215/60R16 95T

225/60R16 98T

235/60R16 100T

205/55R16 91T

215/65R17 99T

215/60R17 96T

225/60R17 99T

225/55R17 97T

215/50R17 91T

225/50R17 94T

235/65R18 106T

215/55R18 95T

225/50R18 95T

185/65R14 86H

185/60R14 82H

195/60R14 86H

175/65R15 84H

185/65R15 88H

195/65R15 91H

205/65R15 94H

185/60R15 88H-XL

185/60R15 84H

195/60R15 88V

195/60R15 88H

205/60R15 91H

215/60R15 94H

215/65R16 98H

225/65R16 100H

205/60R16 92V

205/60R16 92H

215/60R16 95V

215/60R16 95H

225/60R16 98V

225/60R16 98H

235/60R16 100H

195/55R16 87H

205/55R16 91H

215/55R16 93H

215/55R16 93V

225/55R16 95H

235/55R16 98H

205/50R16 87H

225/50R16 92H

245/50R16 97H

235/65R17 104H

215/60R17 96H

255/60R17 106H

225/55R17 97H

235/55R17 99H

205/50R17 93H-XL

215/50R17 91H

225/50R17 94H

215/45R17 87H

225/45R17 91H

235/45R17 94H

245/45R17 95H

205/40R17 80H

215/40R17 83H

225/60R18 100H

225/40R18 92H-XL

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