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Potenza RE760

Potenza RE760

The Bridgestone Potenza RE760 offers race proven Bridgestone performance tire technology at a more affordable price range.  Featuring an asymmetrical tread design the RE760 optimizes the contact patch in cornering and provides initial steering response while promoting even wear.  With wide linear grooves to evacuate water and semi-slick exterior shoulder design to maximize cornering grip, the Potenza RE760 provides amazing performance in all conditions.


195/55R16 87W

205/45R16 83W

205/50R16 87W

205/55R16 91W

215/55R16 97W-XL

225/50R16 92W

225/55R16 95W

205/40R17 84W-XL

205/45R17 88W-XL

205/50R17 93W-XL

215/45R17 91W-XL

215/50R17 95W-XL

225/45R17 94W-XL

225/50R17 94W

235/45R17 94W

245/40R17 91W

245/45R17 95W

255/40R17 94W

265/40R17 96W

275/40R17 98W

215/35R18 84W-XL

215/45R18 93W-XL

225/40R18 92W-XL

225/45R18 91W

225/50R18 95W

235/40R18 95W-XL

235/45R18 98W-XL

245/35R18 88W

245/40R18 97W-XL

245/45R18 100W-XL

255/35R18 90W

255/40R18 95W

255/45R18 99W

265/35R18 93W

275/35R18 95W

275/40R18 99W

295/35R18 99W

225/45R19 92W

235/35R19 91W-XL

245/35R19 93W-XL

245/40R19 98W-XL

275/30R19 96W-XL

275/35R19 100W-XL

245/35R20 95W-XL

255/30R20 92W-XL

255/35R20 97W-XL

275/30R20 97W-XL

285/30R20 99W-XL

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