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Blizzak LM60

Blizzak LM60

Bridgestone's offering in the performance winter tire category, the Blizzak LM-60 offers the most traction in its category.  Performance winter tires are usually comprised of stiffer rubber compounds and shallow tread blocks to improve stability.  The Blizzak LM-60 offers a higher speed rating with added traction in snow, slush and ice, without a large penalty on dry road stability.  It is one of very few performance winter tires with this unique combination.

Designed for drivers of performance sedans and sports cars who need added traction, the Blizzak LM-60 is available in many sizes previously reserved for tires with little to no snow and ice performance.



195/55R16 87H

205/45R17 84H

215/45R17 91H

225/45R17 91H

235/45R17 97H

235/50R17 96H

235/55R17 103H

245/40R17 91H

215/45R18 93H

225/40R18 92H

225/40R18 88H

225/45R18 95H

225/50R18 95H

235/45R18 94H

235/50R18 101H

245/40R18 97H

245/45R18 100H

255/40R18 95H

255/40R18 99H

255/45R18 99H

255/55R18 109H

265/35R18 97H

275/35R18 95H

P225/60R18 99H

P235/55R18 99H

225/40R19 89H

225/45R19 92H

235/35R19 91H

245/40R19 94H

245/45R19 98H

255/35R19 96H

255/40R19 100H

255/50R19 107H

265/35R19 94H

275/35R19 96H

275/45R19 108H

245/40R20 95H

245/45R20 99H

255/35R20 97H

255/45R20 101H

255/50R20 109H

P245/50R20 102H

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