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Blizzak DM-V1

Blizzak DM-V1

The Blizzak DM-V1 offers exceptional studless ice traction for Light Trucks, SUVs and crossover vehicles.  Bridgestone had adapted their Tube Multi-Cell and NanoPro-Tech rubber compound to a light truck casing to better meet the needs of drivers of these vehicles.

This tire offers quiet comfortable and traction in all winter conditions and many of the hard to find sizes of modern crossover vehicles


215/70R15 98R

P235/75R15XL 108R

215/70R16 100R

225/70R16 103R

235/70R16 106R

245/70R16 107R

265/70R16 112R

275/70R16 114R

P225/75R16 104R

P235/75R16XL 109R

P245/75R16 109R

225/65R17 102R

235/65R17XL 108R

255/60R17 106R

265/65R17 112R

265/70R17 115R

P215/70R17 100R

P235/70R17XL 108R

P235/75R17 108R

P245/65R17 105R

P245/70R17 108R

P245/75R17 110R

P255/65R17 108R

P255/70R17 110R

P255/75R17 113R

P285/70R17 117R

235/55R18 100R

235/60R18XL 107R

235/65R18 106R

245/60R18 105R

255/55R18XL 109R

265/60R18 110R

275/60R18 113R

285/60R18 116R

P255/65R18 109R

P255/70R18 112R

P265/65R18 112R

P265/70R18 114R

P275/65R18 114R

P235/55R19 101R

P245/55R19 103R

P255/60R19 108R

275/40R20XL 106R

275/45R20XL 110R

285/50R20XL 116R

P245/50R20 102R

P245/60R20 107R

P255/55R20 107R

P265/50R20 106R

P275/55R20 111R

P275/60R20 114R

P285/45R22 110R

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